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Last Updated: March 12 2021 Version traduite en français via ce lien : Charte de Confidentialité Instaply

This privacy policy (the “Privacy Policy“) is submitted (i) if you are a customer based in the European Economic Area, by Instaply France, a company based in France, whose head offices are located 17 rue Henri Monnier 75009 Paris, or (ii) if you are a customer based in the rest of the world, by Instaply, a company based in Delaware, whose head offices are located 230 California Street, Suite 508, San Francisco, CA 94111 (USA) (“Instaply“).

Instaply is a service provider which provides communication services to its professional customers, generally companies that provide services or sell goods to consumers. Thanks to the Instaply platform, end-users (i.e. individuals, clients of Instaply’s customers) are able to communicate (notably in writing via short messages) with any shop, company or entity that has entered into a contractual relationship with Instaply (the “Services“).

In this context, Instaply may gather and process data that is sent by end-users to its customers and, reciprocally, may gather and process data that is replied by its customers to the end-users. Such data may include personal data (as defined hereunder).

This Privacy Policy, which is part of the general and contractual agreement between Instaply and you relating to the Services, aims to describe why and how Instaply shall process personal data.

  1. Purpose of Instaply Privacy Policy

Protection of privacy has always been extremely important to Instaply right from the start.

We are therefore providing this Privacy Policy to explain our practices regarding the collection and processing of information, especially personal data, that we receive when your employees, customers and prospects (the “Users“) use our Services, as defined in the contractual terms governing such Services and their provision by Instaply (the “Terms “).

These practices have been defined in accordance with the principles of “Privacy by Design” and “Privacy by Default”, which means that Instaply has designed the Services to enable efficient communication between Users, while striving to protect the personal data of said Users. In principle, only the information strictly necessary for the provision of the Services is collected and processed by Instaply. Where appropriate Users can consent to provide other information.

If you are a customer based in the EEA: in all cases, this information is collected and processed confidentially and securely in accordance with appropriate protection measures, in compliance with the state of the art and pursuant to legislation on the protection of personal data, namely the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) No. 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 (the “GDPR“) and/or any national law of a Member State of the European Union, adopted pursuant to or for transposition of the GDPR (hereinafter collectively the “Applicable Laws“).

If you are a customer based in the rest of the world, please be ensured all personal information is collected and processed confidentially and securely in accordance with appropriate protection measures, in compliance with the state of the art.

2. Scope of Instaply Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy applies only to web sites, services, and applications included under the term “Services” and does not apply to third-party web sites, services or applications, even if these can be accessed via our services. Please also note that if they are not defined in this Privacy Policy, all terms beginning with an uppercase letter used in this Privacy Policy have the same meaning as in our Terms.

3. Amendments to Instaply Privacy Policy

Any User information that we collect as part of the Services is subject to the Privacy Policy in effect at the time the data was collected.

We may amend this Privacy Policy from time to time. Should we decide to amend this Privacy Policy, we will notify you of such changes by publishing them within the Services or by email or other form of notification. We will also update the aforementioned “Date of Last Update”, once the amendments come into effect.

4. Instaply’s role in the provision of Services

As indicated in the Terms, Instaply acts exclusively as processor of the information that we receive as part of the Services pursuant to the meaning ascribed to the term “processor” by Applicable Laws.

This means that Instaply will act at all times solely upon instruction of its clients, data controllers, to the extent strictly necessary under the Terms and in accordance with Applicable Laws.

5. How do we collect information?

Instaply’s Services are designed to make it easier for you to communicate with your customers and prospects (as defined above, the “Users“). The use of such Services therefore requires the collection and processing of some of the Users’ personal data, who either (i) must provide information or (ii) communicate information spontaneously, either for processing their request or to respond to a specific request.

For example, Instaply collects a User ID to ensure communication between Users. However, Users are free to provide any information they choose to formulate a request or respond to a request from another User.

The collection and processing of information that transits through the Services is, in any event and depending on the circumstances, either carried out under the Terms in the name and on behalf of the data controller or implemented by consent of a User who chooses to provide the information via the Services.

6. Which information do we collect as part of the Services?

The information we collect is generally as follows:

  • information identifying a User (client or prospect) seeking to contact you through the Services, for example his last name, first name, e-mail address, phone number, or even any social network or messaging ID, depending on the communication method chosen by such User;
  • the content of communications sent by a User (customer or prospect) seeking to communicate with you, as well as the content of communications from User members of your staff, to respond to requests from another User (customer or prospect);
  • certain technical information via “cookies”, i.e. small text files that are stored when accessing our Services. We can use both session cookies and persistent cookies at the same time to track whether a person is connected to the Services and when and how they interact with our Services. We can also use cookies to monitor the overall use of our Services and the routing of web traffic on our Services, as well as to customize and improve our Services. Unlike persistent cookies, session cookies are deleted when the User logs out of the Services and closes his Internet browser. Although most browsers automatically accept cookies, Users can change their browser settings to no longer accept cookies automatically or to display a message before the browser accepts the cookies;
  • we can also use “pixel tags,” “web beacons” of “transparent GIFs” or any other similar technique (hereinafter individually or collectively the “Web Beacons“) in connection with our Services to collect data on the use of our Services as well as demographic data. A Web Beacon is an electronic image, usually a transparent graphic element, which is placed on a web page and can be associated with cookies on a hard drive. Web Beacons allow us to count the number of Users who have consulted web pages of the Services, with the aim of providing them with customized services and enabling us to rate the efficiency of our Services;
  • our servers automatically save certain information on how a User uses our Services (hereinafter the “Login Data“). Login Data may contain information such as a User’s Internet Protocol (IP) address, browser type, operating system, the web page that a User visited before accessing our Services, the pages or features of our Services that a User consulted, and the time spent on those pages or features, the key search words used, the links in the Services clicked on by a User, plus other statistics;
  • if a User communicates via a mobile device, we collect the information that is automatically sent to us by such device, such as the device ID, configuration information and the device’s operating system, as well as information relating to the use of our Services;
  • In some cases, we collect information on the Service Users’ location. We may use Users’ location information to improve and customize our Services to their advantage. If a User does not want us to use his location information, they can disable this function on their mobile device.

As a rule, the Services are intended to allow the exchange of information of an essentially commercial nature (store opening times, after-sales service, etc.) and are not designed to collect or process personal data of a “sensitive” nature within the meaning of Applicable Laws. Should a User decide to provide such data as part of the Services, this will only be permitted with the User’s explicit consent. In any case, Instaply disclaims all liability in this regard.

7. How do we use the information we collect as part of the Services?

Instaply only uses the information collected as part of the Services for the sole following purposes:

  • Primarily, the information is used to provide you with the Services, i.e. to enable you to communicate with your customers and prospects: the transmission of this information allows you to learn the identity of the person seeking to contact you and to take note of his request. This data is thus subject to processing in order to transmit it to you, depending on the channel chosen by the User, so that you can read it and respond;
  • On an ancillary basis, and only concerning the technical data described in point 6. above (especially the Login Data), the information that we collect is used to administer our Services. We use this information to manage the Services and we analyze it (directly or via third party contractors) to enhance the Services by improving their features and functions, as well as adapting them to Users’ needs and preferences. We can also use a User’s IP address to combat unsolicited messages (“spam”), malicious software (“malware”), and identity theft. We may also use a User’s IP address to generate aggregated and anonymous information relating to the way in which a User uses our Services.

8. To whom do we disclose the data we collect as part of the Services?

When we process the data we collect as part of the Services, its transmission is restricted to a certain number of explicitly listed recipients, namely:

  • You, as data controller. This concerns all the information relating to the content of the communications sent to you. This information is solely made available to you;
  • Users: when you respond to a User (client or prospect), your answer is sent to the latter. This response may contain any type of information, according to the message that you (or your designated employee) have chosen to send him. This information is solely and exclusively made available to the User in question;
  • Us: we may become aware of certain information relating to messages that you exchange with Users (customers or prospects), but exclusively for Service maintenance purposes. We never look at the messages that the Users exchange, except (i) if we are forced to and (ii) if you have explicitly authorized us to. In any event, Instaply has verified the reliability of its staff members who may have access to the information that transits through the Services. All Instaply staff members have been made aware of the issue of personal data protection and know how to exercise caution in this respect under Applicable Laws and are bound to protect the confidentiality of information transiting through the Services;
  • Our service providers: if necessary we contract with third party service providers to assist us in managing and providing the Services. These third-party service providers, as of the date of this Privacy Policy, are Mixpanel, Sisense (formerly Periscope), Twilio and Nexmo. Such third parties have access to certain information collected as part of the Services exclusively to provide certain services on our behalf and are explicitly required not to disclose or use such information for any other purpose. These service providers are contractually bound to confidentiality and security obligations at least equivalent to those set out in this Privacy Policy and under our Terms;
  • Other third parties: exceptionally, we may share information with third parties that is aggregated and/or anonymous, i.e. that cannot identify a User, for market analysis, demographic profiling and other similar purposes; under certain conditions, Instaply may be found liable for wrongful onward transfers to third parties of personal information received in the course of the Services and/or pursuant to Privacy Shield ;
  • The authorities: it is our policy to protect Users of our Services from breaches of their privacy. However, we will where appropriate cooperate with state, administrative or judicial authorities, including supervisory authorities responsible for enforcing Applicable Laws, when we are compelled to and including to meet national security or law enforcement requirements. Instaply may also be subject to the investigatory and enforcement powers of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Accordingly, we reserve the right to disclose any information collected in connection with the Services to competent authorities when required to do so in order to: (I) satisfy or comply with any law in force, any regulation or any judicial procedure or to respond to judicial requests, notably summons to appear in court, mandates or judicial orders; (ii) protect our property, rights and our safety as well as the rights, property and safety of third parties or the general public; and (iii) prevent or halt an activity that we deem unlawful or unethical.

Please be aware that the opposition from a User to the transmission of its personal data to certain of these above-mentioned recipients may make the provision of the Services simply impossible as this transmission is technically necessary and/or mandatory. Instaply does not share the Users’ personal data with persons or entities that do not need to collect or process them for the purpose of the provision of the Services.

As a consequence, you need to inform the Users, for instance through your own privacy policy, that their right to choose their personal data not to be disclosed to third parties may have adverse consequences on their ability to use the Services to reach you.

9. Instaply respects Service Users’ choices

The Services offer Users (whether your employees, customers or prospects) the possibility to make choices as to the collection, use and sharing of information, notably their personal data. Through your own privacy policy that you should submit to their consent, Users must be informed of the personal data they have to provide in order to reach you and the personal data they can chose not to disclose to you, unless they want a response to a specific request. We will strictly adhere to the choices made by Users.

This means that if a User decides not to provide us with the information (notably the personal data) we need to provide the Services, then the User may not be able to access all the Services’ features. This concerns notably a User’s phone number if the services are provided by SMS.

Irrespective of the above, Instaply has to send Users messages relating to the Services and they do not have the right to object (or opt-out) to receiving such messages. Such messages include for example, notices regarding updates to our Terms or to this Privacy Policy.

10.  Instaply ensures the security of the information provided as part of the Services

As a data processor, Instaply undertakes to implement and maintain, at its own expense, ad hoc technical and organizational measures for the processing and security of personal data, pursuant to Applicable Laws and notably, if you are a customer based in the EEA, Articles 32 to 34 of the GDPR.

Instaply thus ensures that these technical and organizational measures are always adapted to the specific risks associated with its processing activities, concerning the type of data likely to transit through the Services, especially to protect personal data against destruction, loss, alteration, unauthorized disclosure or accidental or unlawful access.

Thus, regarding the technical measures implemented by Instaply:

  • all the information is encrypted both during its transmission via the services and its storage. This information is transmitted via an SSL connection from the source to the target. During their storage, the databases are encrypted, and encrypted copies are created;
  • the Services platform works according to the HTTPS protocol and is completely isolated on a virtual private cloud hosted at Amazon Web Services; only the intended traffic can pass through the firewall, everything else is blocked by default;
  • logging and tracking systems allow us to detect suspicious activity in real time; all access attempts are recorded and saved in logs;
  • we regularly perform security tests to ensure that the system is not vulnerable to this form of attack;

Organizational measures:

  • the Services have been configured in such a way that only certain Instaply staff members who need this information can access the information that transits through the Services. As indicated above, this access takes place (i) only for maintenance of the Services and (ii) upon explicit and specific instructions from the data controller;
  • roles and profiles of Instaply members of staff are thus configured according to the least privilege principle;
  • on the client side (data controller), access to the platform is granted only to certain members of staff duly identified by agreement with Instaply; solely read-only access may be granted for certain profiles; access rights to the system may be revoked by the administrator with immediate effect;
  • the Services platform servers are controlled by security groups. Access to these systems, via a bastion, is limited to just a few administrators.

Instaply also undertakes to maintain, update and keep complete and accurate records on the processing of personal data implemented as part of the Services. These records give details of its processing activities. Instaply can provide such records and associated documentation to the relevant data controller to prove its compliance with Applicable Laws.

Instaply also undertakes to grant each of its clients the right to audit its records, at a maximum of once every calendar year and subject to a written notice of at least 30 (thirty) calendar days, relating to the processing carried out on behalf of the client concerned.  However, since the information transmitted via the Services is stored on servers hosted by Amazon Web Services, no on-site visits may be made. 

11. Instaply allows the exercise of the rights derived from Applicable Laws.

Instaply acts only as processor in full transparency for the Users (your customers and prospects).

Therefore, as a rule, only you – as data controller in direct contact with Users – will be in the position to inform Users of their rights which are granted by Applicable Laws, according to the place where you are established  (right to access, modify, delete, oppose, right to invoke binding arbitration, right to opt-out whether their personal data is to be disclosed to certain third party or to be used to for a purpose that is materially different from the one for which it was originally collected, etc.).

And only you will receive requests from data subjects to exercise their rights.

When you receive such a request, and to the extent Instaply’s involvement as processor is required, you must send it to us as soon as possible so that we can respond satisfactorily to such request. This request must be sent by email to our Data Privacy Officerprivacy@instaply.com, who will process it as soon as possible and either way within 72 (seventy-two) working hours from receipt.

You must inform your Users that any request to exercise their rights will be treated in accordance with Applicable Laws but that (i) depending on the type of request, access to the Services could be impeded or even rendered impossible and that (ii) in the event of exercise of the right to object or the right to be forgotten, some data could nonetheless be retained by Instaply for the latter to comply with its legal obligations.

Finally, pursuant to Applicable Laws and given the technique implemented, the Services do not currently allow for exercise of the right to portability of personal data.

12.  Notification of a personal data breach

In the event of a personal data breach of any kind, Instaply will without delay and within 24 (twenty-four) hours after becoming aware of such breach, inform the customer concerned and provide the latter with sufficient information as to the type of breach to enable said customer to comply with its obligations under Applicable Laws.

13. International transfers of data

If you are a customer based in the EEA, all the information collected and processed via the Services is stored on a cluster of servers hosted by Amazon Web Services located within the European Union. In principle Instaply does not transfer data outside the European Union.

Notwithstanding the above, it is specified that Instaply is part of a group of companies, some of which are located outside the European Union. This is particularly the case of Instaply Inc., whose head office is located in the state of Delaware in the United States of America.

In principle, no data relating to Users is transmitted to this company. As an exception, in particular for occasional computer maintenance needs, representatives of Instaply Inc. based in the United States of America may access certain technical data and, where applicable, incidentally, certain personal data relating to Users. In addition, certain data is transferred to technical service providers based in the United States and with which Instaply Inc. has contracted for the purposes of the operation of the Services.

Any international transfer of data, including to countries that do not provide adequate protection within the meaning of Applicable Laws, is carried out in a secure manner, in order to preserve the confidentiality and security of the data, and under binding contractual conditions. In order to allow this transfer, this Privacy Policy incorporates the standard contractual clauses of the European Commission relating to the export of data. For this purpose, you are deemed to be a data exporter, i.e. the controller who transfers User Data, while Instaply is a data importer, i.e. a processor who agrees to receive exporter the User Data intended to be processed on behalf of the latter, after the transfer in accordance with its instructions. The standard contractual clauses are the subject of Annex A.

Instaply shall cooperate with EU data protection authorities (DPAs) and comply with the advice given by such authorities with regard to data transferred from the EU.

If you are a customer based in the rest of the world, all the information collected and processed via the Services is stored on a cluster of servers hosted by Amazon Web Services located in various areas in the world.

14. Links to other Sites

Our Services may contain links to other web sites and services. Any information provided by a User on or to a third-party website or service is provided directly to the operator of the site or service in question and is subject to the privacy policy of that third party. Our Privacy Policy does not apply to such sites or services. Nor are we responsible for the practices or policies of such websites or services in terms of their content, privacy or security.

We recommend that Users carefully read the privacy policies of the other websites and services they use to safeguard their personal data.

15. Our policy on children

Our Services are not intended for children under the age of 15. If we learn that we have collected the data of a child under the age of 15, we will take steps to delete this data from our files as soon as possible. Minors aged between 15 and 18 years must have a parental authorization to be able to use the Services.

16.  End of Instaply Privacy Policy

This Instaply Privacy Policy will lapse at the same time as the Terms.

17.  Questions?

Please feel free to contact us at privacy@instaply.com if you have any questions on our Privacy Policy.

* * *

Last Updated: June 11, 2020 Version traduite en français disponible via ce lien : Conditions d’utilisation des services
These Instaply Services Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) govern use of the Services (defined below) offered by Instaply, Inc. (“Instaply”). IF YOU ARE ENTERING INTO THESE TERMS ON BEHALF OF A COMPANY OR OTHER LEGAL ENTITY (A) IDENTIFIED ON AN ORDER FORM WHICH REFERENCES THESE TERMS [OR (B) WHO ARE USING THE SERVICES ON A TRIAL BASIS] (“CUSTOMER”), YOU REPRESENT THAT YOU HAVE THE AUTHORITY TO BIND SUCH CUSTOMER TO THESE TERMS, IN WHICH CASE “YOU” OR “YOUR” WILL REFER TO SUCH CUSTOMER. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE SUCH AUTHORITY, OR IF YOU DO NOT AGREE WITH THESE TERMS, YOU MUST NOT USE THE SERVICES. IF YOU ARE A CUSTOMER, OR ACTING ON BEHALF OF A CUSTOMER, WHO HAS ENTERED INTO A SEPARATE WRITTEN AGREEMENT (OTHER THAN AN ORDER FORM) WITH INSTAPLY, YOU AGREE THAT YOUR USE OF THE SERVICES WILL BE GOVERNED BY SUCH SEPARATE WRITTEN AGREEMENT AND NOT BY THESE TERMS. These Terms were last updated the date at the top of this web page. They are as of the date of your acceptance of these Terms. Capitalized terms used in these Terms and not otherwise defined will have the meanings set forth in the applicable Order Form. Instaply may modify these Terms at any time, in its sole discretion. If Instaply does so, it will let you know either by posting the modified Terms on Instaply’s Web and Mobile Applications or through other communications. It’s important that you review the Terms whenever Instaply modifies them because if you continue to use the Services thereafter, you agree to be bound by the modified Terms. If you do not agree to be bound by the modified Terms, then you cannot use the Services anymore. You will see that there are defined terms in these Terms. We need to include these defined terms so that we are on the same page. We have placed these terms in context in the Term where appropriate; below are also some additional terms defined in these Terms.


1.1.”Consumer” means an individual who uses the Services to communicate with a Customer or a Customer’s Authorized User. 1.2. “Authorized User” means a unique employee or contractor of Customer who has been personally authorized by Customer to access and use the Services for purposes of communicating with Consumers (either as a Call Center User or a Store Rep User), reviewing Consumer communications with Customer or communicating with other Authorized Users or Vendors. 1.3. “Call Center User” means an employee or contractor of Customer who has been authorized by Customer to access and use the Services to communicate with Consumers by using the Services in Customer’s call center which provides customer service to Consumers by telephone. 1.4. “Customer App” means a mobile application owned and/or operated by or for Customer which offers Instaply enabled communications through Customer’s use of the Services. 1.5. “Instaply Software” means the Instaply proprietary software provided by Instaply to Customer or to which Customer has access under these Terms. 1.6. “Instaply Web and Mobile Applications” means the interface that gives the Customer and Consumers access to Instaply Software through web browsers, and iOS and Android smartphones. 1.7. “Order Form” means an order form executed by Instaply and Customer from time to time pursuant to these Terms and Conditions, each of which will (i) reference these Terms and Conditions, (ii) specify the products or services to be provided or licensed hereunder, and (iii) include such payment and other terms as to which the parties may agree. 1.8. “Services” means the business communication platform and related services made available by Instaply to Customer and its Authorized Users that are ordered by Customer under an Order Form, including updates thereto from time to time. Services include the Instaply website available at www.instaply.com (the “Instaply Site”) and the Instaply Web and Mobile Applications. The Services are accessible for Customer and its Authorized Users on the Instaply Web and Mobile Applications. The Services are also accessible and integrated for the Consumers on the Customer Site, the Customer App and the Customer Interactive Voice Response system. 1.9. “Store Rep User” means an employee or contractor of Customer who has been authorized by Customer to access and use the Services to communicate with Consumers in the Customer’s physical retail store locations. 1.10. “Vendors” means third parties other than Consumers and Authorized Users who use the Services to communicate with Customer and Consumers.


2.1. SaaS Services and Software License to Customer. Subject to Customer’s compliance with these Terms, (a) Instaply will provide the Services for Customer, and (b) Instaply grants to Customer a non-exclusive, non-transferable, limited license, to use the Instaply Software made available to Customer through the Instaply Web and Mobile Applications, and also provided to Customer to integrate the Instaply Software into the Customer App, the Customer’s website that leverages the Services (the “Customer Site”) and the Customer Interactive Voice Response system (“IVR”). Customer and its Authorized Users may access and use the Services solely for Customer’s business purposes. 2.1. Restrictions. Customer will not attempt to interfere with or disrupt the Services or Instaply Software. Customer will not allow access to, or use of, the Services features by anyone other than Authorized Users, Consumers or Vendors. Customer will not: (a) copy, modify, reverse engineer or distribute any portion of the Services or Instaply Software; (b) rent, lease, or provide access to the Services or Instaply Software on a time-share or service bureau basis, except as anticipated by the functionality of the Services; and (c) transfer any of its rights hereunder. An Authorized User account can only be used by a single and duly identified Autorized User. No Authorized User account can be shared between several employees or contractors of Company. 2.2. Customer Content and Customer Communications. Instaply will not be responsible for any loss, destruction, alteration, unauthorized disclosure or corruption caused by any third party of any (a) text, graphics, images, works of authorship of any kind, and information or other materials (the “Content”) provided by Customer and Authorized Users to be made available through the Services, excluding Customer Communications (such Content, the “Customer Content”) or (b) individual communications, between Customer (via its Authorized Users) and Consumers and Vendors, made via the Services (the “Customer Communications”). Customer acknowledges and agrees that Instaply does not monitor Customer Content, Customer Communications or any other data transmitted through the Services and that Instaply has no responsibility in this regard. Customer agrees that Customer Communications will be sent in accordance with applicable law. 2.3. Aggregate Data. Customer acknowledges and agrees that Instaply will, during the Term, aggregate and anonymize Customer Communications (“Aggregate Data”). Aggregate Data will solely relate to the use of the Services by Customer, its Authorized Users, Consumers or Vendors and their Customer Communications and will not be associated or identified with Customer, Authorized Users, Consumers or Vendors specifically. That said, Customer acknowledges and agrees that Instaply may and will use such Aggregate Data in any manner in which it sees fit, including for improvement of the Services.


3.1. Cooperation and Assistance. Customer will provide Instaply with good faith cooperation and assistance and make available such information, facilities, personnel and equipment as may be reasonably required by Instaply in order to provide the Services. 3.2. Use by Authorized Users. Customer will ensure that all Authorized Users comply with the terms and conditions of these Terms with respect to the Services. Customer will promptly notify Instaply of any suspected or alleged violation of these Terms. Instaply may suspend or terminate any Authorized User’s access to the Services upon notice to Customer in the event that Instaply reasonably determines that such Authorized User has violated these Terms. Customer will be liable for any violation of these Terms by any Authorized User. 3.3. Agreements with Consumers. Customer agrees that the Services which are accessible via the Customer App, Customer Site and IVR will be made available to Consumers in accordance with an end user license agreement or terms and conditions of service between Customer and the Consumers (“Customer TOS”) and a Customer privacy policy, which will meet all legal requirements and will ensure that all Consumers agree to the Customer TOS and privacy policy as applicable. The Customer TOS will include provisions which describe the Services features of the Customer App, Customer Site and IVR in compliance with all legal requirements and that are at least as protective of Instaply and the Services as those included in these Terms. 3.4. Customer Data Protection Responsibilities. Customer acknowledges that in connection with the provision of the Services, Instaply will collect and process the personal data of Consumers and Authorized Users of Customer, which is controlled by Customer, then processed and stored by Instaply during the term that is necessary to the accomplishment of the processing’s finality (the “User Data”), on behalf of Customer. The User Data that are necessary to the provision of the Services include, without limitation, such Consumers and Authorized Users’ names, email, telephone numbers and any other information relating to the acquisition of goods or services from Customer, which Consumers decide to disclose to Customer via the Services. Customer is and will be deemed solely responsible with respect to such collection and processing of User Data, and Instaply is and will be deemed to be a subcontracting party, acting on Customer’s behalf at all times as technology services provider. Instaply will comply with all reasonable requests made by Customer in this regard in connection with its provision of the Services (e.g., removal of User Data per Consumer’s written request). Customer is solely responsible for filing any applicable registration or request for authorization towards the competent data protection authority, and responding to Consumers’ and Authorized Users’ requests for access to their User Data and modifications or updates of such User Data in compliance with Customer’s privacy policy and all applicable U.S. laws. 3.5. Customer Licenses to Instaply. 3.5.1Customer grants to Instaply a non-exclusive, transferable, sublicensable, worldwide, royalty-free, limited right to use the Customer name, trademarks, and logos (collectively, the “Customer Marks”) (i) in connection with provision of the Services to Customer and (ii) on the Instaply Site and marketing materials identifying Customer as an Instaply customer. All goodwill developed from such use will be solely for the benefit of Customer. 3.5.2 Customer grants to Instaply a non-exclusive, transferable, sublicensable, worldwide, royalty-free limited license to use, copy, modify, distribute, and display, Customer Content and Customer Communications only in connection with providing the Services to the Customer and for no other purposes. 3.6. Customer Representations. Customer represents and warrants to Instaply that: (i) it has all rights, power and authority that are necessary for Customer’s collection, use and processing of the Customer Content and Customer Communications as contemplated by these Terms; and (ii) Customer’s use of the Services pursuant to these Terms will not breach any third-party patent rights (including, without limitation, patent applications and disclosures), copyrights, trade secrets, moral rights, know-how, and any other intellectual property rights recognized in any country or jurisdiction in the world (collectively, the “Intellectual Property Rights”) or rights of publicity or privacy or agreement between Customer and any third party (including agreements with mobile application platform operators and mobile application distribution channels) or violate any applicable local, state or federal laws, regulations, orders or rules.


Instaply welcomes feedback, comments and suggestions for improvements to the Services (“Feedback”). Customer and Customer’s Authorized Users can submit Feedback by contacting Instaply via the Instaply Site or the Services or by email at contact@instaply.com. Customer and Customer’s Authorized Users grant to Instaply a non-exclusive, worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable, fully-paid, royalty-free, sublicensable and transferable license under any and all intellectual property rights that they own or control to use, copy, modify, create derivative works based upon and otherwise exploit the Feedback for any purpose.


Instaply respects copyright law and expects its users to do the same. It is Instaply’s policy to terminate in appropriate circumstances Account holders, Customers or Customers’ Authorized Users who repeatedly infringe or are believed to repeatedly infringe the rights of copyright holders. Please see our Copyright Policy at https://instaply.com/en/copyright, for further information.


6.1. Invoices; Credit Card; Payment; Late Payment. Customer agrees to pay to Instaply the fees described in the applicable Order Form in accordance with the payment terms on the Order Form and this Section 6.1. Customer will pay the One Time Set-Up Fee on the first day of the Initial Term described in the Order Form. Customer will pay Instaply for all other fees and applicable Taxes specified on the Order Form within thirty (30) days of the date of Instaply’s invoice.  That said, if Customer is paying by credit card, Customer agrees that Customer’s credit card will be charged in advance of Instaply’s provision of any of the Services. Customer agrees that Instaply may use the services of Third-Party Service Providers for payment processing and that Customer may be required to comply with the additional processing terms and conditions of such Third Party Service Providers (as defined below). If Instaply has not received payment within five (5) days after the payment due date, interest will accrue on past due amounts at the rate of one and one half percent (1.5%) per month, but in no event greater than the highest rate of interest allowed by law, calculated from the date such amount was due until the date that payment is received by Instaply. Customer will reimburse Instaply for the reasonable costs of collection, including reasonable fees and expenses of attorneys. 6.2. Taxes. All amounts and fees stated or referred to in the Order Form are exclusive of taxes, duties, levies, tariffs, and other governmental charges (including, without limitation, VAT) (collectively, “Taxes”). Customer is responsible for payment of all Taxes and any related interest and/or penalties resulting from any payments made hereunder, other than any taxes based on Instaply’s net income. 6.3. Fee Increases. Instaply reserves the right to increase the fees payable to Instaply by Customer for the Services for any renewal Terms under these Terms and will notify Customer in advance of such increases ninety (90) days prior to the end of the then current Term.


7.1. Instaply. As between Instaply, Customer and Consumer, the Instaply Software, Services, the Instaply Web and Mobile Applications and the Aggregate Data, and all Intellectual Property Rights therein or relating thereto, are and will remain the exclusive property of Instaply or its licensors. 7.2. Customer. As between Customer and Instaply, the Customer Content, Customer App, and Customer Site and all Intellectual Property Rights therein or relating thereto, are and will remain the exclusive property of Customer or its licensors. As between Customer and Instaply, the Customer Communications and all Intellectual Property rights therein or relating there are the exclusive property of Customer and its Consumers.


8.1. Definition. “Confidential Information” means any business or technical information disclosed by one party to the other party that: (i) if disclosed in writing, is marked “confidential” or “proprietary” at the time of disclosure; or (ii) under the circumstances, a person exercising reasonable business judgment would understand to be confidential or proprietary. Customer Content and Customer Communications are not considered to be Confidential Information of Customer (provided however that the user names and log in credentials of Authorized Users and Consumers is Confidential Information). The Services are Instaply’s Confidential Information. 8.2. Exclusions. The obligations and restrictions set forth in Section 8.3 will not apply to any information that: (i) is or becomes generally known to the public through no fault of or breach of these Terms by the receiving party; (ii) is rightfully known by the receiving party at the time of disclosure; (iii) is independently developed by the receiving party without use of the disclosing party’s Confidential Information; or (iv) the receiving party rightfully obtains from a third party who has the right to disclose such information without breach of any confidentiality obligation to the disclosing party. 8.3. Use and Nondisclosure. A receiving party will not use the disclosing party’s Confidential Information except as necessary for the performance or enforcement of these Terms and will not disclose such Confidential Information to any third party except to those of its employees and subcontractors who have a bona fide need to know such Confidential Information for the performance or enforcement of these Terms; provided that each such employee and subcontractor is bound by a written agreement that contains use and disclosure restrictions consistent with the terms set forth in this Section. Each receiving party will protect the disclosing party’s Confidential Information from unauthorized use and disclosure using efforts equivalent to the efforts that the receiving party ordinarily uses with respect to its own confidential information and in no event less than a reasonable standard of care. The provisions of this Section 8.3 will remain in effect during the term of these Terms and for a period of three (3) years after the expiration or termination of these Terms. 8.4. Permitted Disclosures. The provisions of this Section 8 will not restrict either party from disclosing Confidential Information pursuant to the order or requirement of a court, administrative agency, or other governmental body; provided that the party required to make such a disclosure gives reasonable notice to the other party to enable it to contest such order or requirement or limit the scope of such request.


9.1. Service Performance for Customers Only. If you are a Customer, Instaply agrees to provide the Services to you in accordance with the Instaply service level commitments available at https://www.instaply.com/en/service-level-agreement/. For avoidance of doubt, this Section and the SLAs do not apply to Customer’s Authorized Users’ use of the Services and/or the Instaply Web and Mobile Applications. 9.2. Third Party Service Providers. Customer acknowledges and agrees that Instaply’s ability to provide the Services is dependent on certain third party service providers who provide services to Instaply, including third party SMS messaging services and third party telecommunications services (“Third Party Service Providers”) and Instaply does not have and will not have any liability or responsibility to Customer in the event that the Services do not perform due to the action or inaction of a Third Party Service Provider. 9.3. Disclaimer. EXCEPT AS OTHERWISE SET FORTH IN THESE TERMS AND THE SERVICE LEVEL AGREEMENT, INSTAPLY MAKES NO REPRESENTATIONS OR WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, IN CONNECTION WITH THESE TERMS OR THE SERVICES. WITHOUT LIMITING THE FOREGOING, INSTAPLY DISCLAIMS ANY WARRANTY THAT THE SERVICES WILL BE ERROR FREE OR UNINTERRUPTED OR THAT ALL ERRORS WILL BE CORRECTED. INSTAPLY FURTHER DISCLAIMS ALL WARRANTIES WITH RESPECT TO THE SERVICES AS TO MERCHANTABILITY, ACCURACY OF ANY INFORMATION PROVIDED, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, OR NON-INFRINGEMENT. INSTAPLY FURTHER DISCLAIMS ALL WARRANTIES ARISING FROM COURSE OF DEALING OR USAGE OF TRADE. NO ADVICE OR INFORMATION, WHETHER ORAL OR WRITTEN, OBTAINED FROM INSTAPLY OR ELSEWHERE WILL CREATE ANY WARRANTY NOT EXPRESSLY STATED IN THESE TERMS.


10.1. Term. As between Instaply and Customer, these Terms will remain in effect for so long as any Order Form(s) remain in effect, and the term of any Order Form will begin on the start date and end on the expiration date specified therein (the “Initial Term”). After the Initial Term, Customer’s subscription to the Services will automatically renew for subsequent one (1) year periods, unless either party notifies the other in writing of its intent not to review at least sixty (60) days prior to the end of the then-current term. The Initial Term and renewal periods are collectively the “Term”. 10.2. Termination for Cause. Customer may terminate these Terms upon written notice to Instaply if Instaply materially breaches these Terms and fails to correct the breach within thirty (30) days following written notice specifying the breach. Instaply may terminate these Terms for any reason upon notice to Consumers. Instaply may terminate these Terms with respect to Customer if Customer materially breaches these Terms and fails to correct the breach within thirty (30) days following written notice specifying the breach. 10.3. Rights and Obligations Upon Expiration or Termination. Upon expiration or termination of these Terms, (a) any outstanding Order Form(s) will simultaneously terminate, (b) Customer’s and its Authorized Users’ right to access and use the Services will immediately terminate and (c) each party will return and make no further use of any Confidential Information, materials, or other items (and all copies thereof) belonging to the other party. Instaply may destroy or otherwise dispose of any Customer Content in its possession unless Instaply receives, no later than ten (10) days after the effective date of the expiration or termination of these Terms, a written request for the delivery to Customer of the then-most recent back-up of the Customer Content. Instaply will use all reasonable efforts to deliver the back-up to Customer within thirty (30) days of its receipt of such a written request. Customer will pay all reasonable expenses incurred by Instaply in returning Customer Content to Customer. If any phone numbers were provided to Customer by Instaply during the Term, upon termination or expiration of these Terms for any cause whatsoever, if permitted by Instaply’s applicable agreement with a Third Party Service Providers and subject to the applicable terms in such agreement regarding transfer of phone numbers upon termination of the agreement, Instaply will transfer access and control over those phone numbers to Customer, unless instructed otherwise by Customer, in writing. 10.4. Survival. The rights and obligations of Instaply and Customer contained in Sections 1, 2.2, 2.4, 3.5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.3, 10.4, 11, 12 and 13 will survive any expiration or termination of these Terms.


11.1. Indemnification of Customer by Instaply. Instaply will defend any suit or action brought against Customer to the extent that it is based upon a third party claim that the Services (excluding the Customer App, Customer Site, Customer Content, Customer Communications and Consumer Content), as provided by Instaply to Customer pursuant to these Terms, infringe any U.S. copyright or misappropriate any trade secret, and will pay any costs, damages and reasonable attorneys’ fees attributable to such claim that are awarded in final judgment against or paid in settlement by Customer. Instaply’s obligations under this Section 11.1 are contingent upon: (a) Customer providing Instaply with prompt written notice of such claim; (b) Customer providing reasonable cooperation to Instaply, at Instaply’s expense, in the defense and settlement of such claim; and (c) Instaply having sole authority to defend or settle such claim. 11.2. Exclusions. Notwithstanding the terms of Section 11.1, Instaply will have no liability for any infringement or misappropriation claim of any kind to the extent that it results from: (i) the combination, operation or use of the Services with equipment, devices, software or data (including without limitation the Customer App, Customer Site, Customer Content, Customer Communications and Consumer Content) not supplied by Instaply, if a claim would not have occurred but for such combination, operation or use; or (ii) Customer’s or an Authorized User’s or a Consumer’s use of the Services other than in accordance with these Terms. 11.3. Sole Remedy. THE FOREGOING STATES THE ENTIRE OBLIGATION OF INSTAPLY AND ITS LICENSORS WITH RESPECT TO ANY ALLEGED OR ACTUAL INFRINGEMENT OR MISAPPROPRIATION OF INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS BY THE SERVICES. 11.4. Indemnification by Customer. Customer will defend Instaply, its officers, directors and employees (collectively, “Instaply Indemnitees”), from and against any action or suit brought against an Instaply Indemnitee by a third party in connection with (i) Customer’s or an Authorized User’s use of the Services, the Customer App, and the Customer Site (other than any claim for which Instaply is responsible under Section 11.1) including but not limited to a claim that the Customer Content, Customer Communications or Customer’s use of the Services infringe or misappropriate any Intellectual Property Rights of a third party, or any other applicable law, and (ii) the Customer TOS and Customer privacy policy and/or Customer’s breach of its obligations under Section 3.5, and will pay any costs, damages and reasonable attorneys’ fees attributable to such claim that are awarded in final judgment against or paid in settlement by Instaply. Customer’s obligations under this Section 11.4 are contingent upon: (a) Instaply providing Customer with prompt written notice of such claim; (b) Instaply providing reasonable cooperation to Customer, at Customer’s expense, in the defense and settlement of such claim; and (c) Customer having sole authority to defend or settle such claim.




13.1. Governing Law. These Terms, and any related Order Form(s), and all matters arising out of or relating to these Terms will be governed by the laws of the State of California, without regard to its conflict of law provisions. Any legal action or proceeding relating to these Terms will be brought exclusively in the state or federal COURTS located in the Northern District of California. Instaply and Customer hereby agree to submit to the jurisdiction of, and agree that venue is proper in, those courts in any such legal action or proceeding. 13.2. Order Forms; Precedence. Each Order Form is governed by these Terms. In the event of any conflict between these Terms and an Order Form, the following order of priority will govern the interpretation of such documents: 1) the applicable Order Form and 2) these Terms. 13.3. Waiver. The waiver by a party of any default or breach of these Terms will not constitute a waiver of any other or subsequent default or breach. 13.4. Notices. All notices, including notices of address change, required to be sent hereunder will be in writing and will be sent to contact@instaply.com. 13.5. Severability. In the event any provision of these Terms is held to be invalid or unenforceable, the remaining provisions of these Terms will remain in full force and effect. 13.6. Force Majeure. No party will be liable hereunder by reason of any failure or delay in the performance of its obligations hereunder (except for the payment of money) on account of events beyond the reasonable control of such party, which may include without limitation denial-of-service attacks, strikes, shortages, riots, insurrection, fires, flood, storm, explosions, acts of God, war, terrorism, governmental action, labor conditions, earthquakes and material shortages (each a “Force Majeure Event”). Upon the occurrence of a Force Majeure Event, the non-performing party will be excused from any further performance of its obligations effected by the Force Majeure Event for so long as the event continues and such party continues to use commercially reasonable efforts to resume performance. 13.7. Compliance with Laws. Customer agrees that Customer and its Authorized Users will use the Services, Customer App and Customer Site and will collect, process and otherwise use personal data of Consumers and Authorized Users (which is controlled by Customer and processed by Instaply in connection with its provision of the Services to Customer) exclusively for authorized and legal purposes consistent and in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations and the rights of others. 13.8. Relationship Between the Parties. Nothing in these Terms will be construed to create a partnership, joint venture or agency relationship between the parties. No party will have the power to bind another or to incur obligations on another’s behalf without the other parties’ prior written consent. 13.9. Assignment. Customer and Consumer may not assign or transfer these Terms, in whole or in part, without Instaply’s prior written consent. Instaply may freely assign or transfer these Terms, in whole or in part, by operation of law or otherwise. Any attempted assignment or transfer in violation of this Section will be null and void. Subject to the foregoing restrictions, these Terms will inure to the benefit of the successors and permitted assigns of the parties. 13.10. Entire Agreement. These Terms together with the exhibits hereto constitutes the complete and exclusive agreement between the parties concerning its subject matter and supersedes all prior or contemporaneous agreements or understandings, written or oral, concerning the subject matter of these Terms.