The Art of Business Texting

Text messaging is one of the most prevalent forms of communication today. Texting should play a major role in your business’ communication efforts. These tips will keep your professional SMS communications on point. (Written by: )

Know When to Text:

Texting can be an excellent communication vehicle when you need to convey a straightforward message on time-sensitive matters. Relatedly, it can be used for letting a client, colleague or vendor know that you have a pressing need to speak with them – or that you need them to expediently review an email you’ve sent them with important information. If the matter isn’t urgent, however, email is often the better route.

Keep Abbreviations to a Minimum:

Text abbreviations are their own written language. But in business texts, overusing them can confuse some recipients and make you seem unprofessional. While the occasional “LOL” or “NP” is fine with clients and colleagues you know well, it’s often best to type out the words.

Be Brief:

Texting is a quick-hit format. If you need to communicate a longer, multi-layered message, then use email or make a phone call.

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